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6 ten couples Riding Alone for 30 days to Tibet tourism Figure

an old married couple in the Nyingchi county dinner, several Tibetan They look around, surprised, asked: The waiter exclaimed, in this work for over a decade has not seen such a big age to operate a motorcycle to travel.

high light odd friend Libo Jiang said with a smile, the Lao Gao of this move can really Shaanxi p> Lao Gao said he still plans to next year on a motorcycle to the northeast of Mohe to see.
old couple crossing off the mountainous Gore Temple Hill, scissors curved mountain and clamp pull mountains, to reach an altitude of 4000 meters high city do not go well with rice, really want to leave.
After after steep Goushen Fenghuoshan, he and his wife arrive to Golmud, crossing the Kunlun Mountains, arrived in Qinghai Lake, through Xining, Qinghai, tranquil county,louboutin pas cher, Gansu, Dingxi, Pingliang, then Baoji, Xi'an, Weinan, has experienced 30 days adventures and excursions, return to the in Hancheng home.

plane to go only to see the hills of the Tibetan Plateau, then what's the point? Subsequently,Louboutin, he specializes in buying more than 6000 yuan a value of type 125 Early in the morning of September 9, he and his wife fully armed, ready to go. Prior to departure, there are still a few old classmates, old colleagues know, who came to send them a ride. Lao Gao homemade journey.

second day of the trip planning Chunhua, Xunyi, Liquan, martial arts, weeks, Foping, Hanzhong. But in the weeks to refuel every 10 minutes, but also heavy rain, even the brakes did not dare to step on a motorcycle. I keep hand wipes the face of rain. After Pingwu high mountains Goushen, narrow roads, the road no one gloomy. The high light odd heart some fear, but he ventured forward riding, and to his wife and courageous.
>> bumpy wife not to sit CMB motorbike followed by

riding a motorcycle with his wife expedition to Tibet, the high light odd dream.
behind us.

>> through their loved ones leave to do a years ago, retirement home. Lao Gao love to travel and take pictures, but also from time to time to write some poetry. Last year, he and grandson learn to use a computer, online tourism attracted, in particular, see the move of a 17-year-old female college student summer cycling from Chengdu to Lhasa, the middle of shooting a Tibetan living customs and natural scenery, deep by touch.

High light odd couple
September 9, high light odd and his wife from Hancheng up to an altitude of 5008 meters east mountain, commemorative photos shot by the wife to the high light odd respondents courtesy
Korean city of 66-year-old light odd, bought a 125-type motorcycle, hang up after the Qinghai-Tibet line, went to Tibet to tourism. 30 days course after rain or shine, 9 November, the talk of his friends described as
friend Libo Jiang's phone, and still retain a record of an old married couple trip SMS:
old and older to get this matter.

had witnessed a few paragraphs of bad road, we toss afraid of today's day not bright, the road along the Lancang Grand Canyon cliff on the national highway, I was driving a motorcycle headlight, driving very carefully. my heart has long been the fear rushed to the throat, covered with gravel roads. Although the spacious but the slope is very steep, and when going downhill toward the subconscious of the Grand Canyon. the suspense underground finished slope morning when I look back to the origin, like a gray ribbon, in the Canyon mountainside twist to go around, it is truly looking in, but mixed sandwiched scared. Avenue, the car is also less in this way, simply racing ... beyond imagining, where water clarity was glowing green, where the forest is always filled with mysterious mist, where the scenery is unsurpassed. some sections of the United States was giving a wrong impression, here's cities and towns, especially as Nyingchi, Lhasa urban construction, no less with the mainland, in some respects better than the mainland. the magnificent Potala Palace, the shape of beautiful color separation (sic), and indeed the world's only looking up at her, giving a majestic and beautiful sacred inviolable sense ... this morning we will reluctantly bid farewell to Lhasa,Louboutin Pas cher, bid farewell to the Potala Palace, to embark on the journey to return home. bye, Lhasa. goodbye, the Potala Palace. > Dream refueling to catch up with the guy who To the scenic natural Wuzhen, high light odd and his wife eat the treat, photos stored on your computer, excited to introduce, a journey - to return along the Qinghai-Tibet line. The dust of the Qinghai-Tibet line, unlike the Sichuan-Tibet line is so big, high light odd motorcycle air filter removed, plug the small fuel into the motorcycle can run block 4 block. During which several Tibetan guy driving a large displacement motorcycle than their Lao Gao to be outdone, all the way to refuel to catch up, even chasing fifty-six kilometers away.
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To this end, as early as six months ago, he quietly browser to download a lot of the content of the Tibet tourism, and online purchase of sleeping bags, tents, helmets, raincoats, down jacket, hiking shoes,christian louboutin pas cher, altitude sickness drugs value of more than 3000 yuan hundreds of items. In early August, he will share their own ideas to the 60-year-old wife-year-old Yuan and sons and daughters, but it was the unanimous opposition of the family. The daughter said he was going to take a plane to visit; two sons, said he was going to let them open the car to go with the firm can not ride a motorcycle to. His wife is also worried that the Lao Gao right leg had had surgery, the gallbladder was removed, and fear of riding a motorcycle out to the body difficult to adapt.
>> Landscape daily text messages are safe Wherever he went,louboutin, via SMS to the family snapshots, and history and feel the compiled text messages, sent to family and friends. If the day dark have not seen the SMS, children and friends to ask SMS will be sent.

Speaking of Lao Gao Adventures, his wife-year-old Yuan Lao Gao very early the idea of ??riding a motorcycle to visit Tibet, she has a responsibility to help her husband to complete. Later, she agreed. Comments I would like to
want to go to Xi'an consider to Xi'an Arrived in Chunhua, it began to rain, the road is full of water, had to roadside trees in high and low to determine road conditions.
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Marriage law of the judicial interpretation three probe into t

Marriage law of the judicial interpretation ( three) probe into the cause of the dispute - the marriage law of the judicial interpretation ( three) of the first paragraph of article seventh of the civil and commercial law graduate level 2011 MasterClass 2 Gong Lihongthe rule has its rationality .
In China ,children after marrying a family structure will be more complex ,the relationship between the parties will be more subtle ,especially in material field .Parents for fear of affecting the relationship among the family members to make a buy their own houses only to his own children clear .
But the fuzzy expression and cannot be sanctioned by law ,so the parents after marriage as their children buy houses a plurality was identified as the joint property of husband and wife .
This judgment is against my parents purchase intention and willingness to spend ,they bear bitter hardships saved his life savings have failed to achieve their true desire ,the parents is not fair .
Judicial interpretation ( three) property registration by children under the name of behavior in order to clear ,parents have a gently but effectively expressions ,their rights and interests can be better protected .
The reasonable system arrangement has been strongly disputed, the reason is very complex .China has a long history of traditional marriage ,the man buy property ,the woman with the dowry concept was win support among the people .
Even today ,in many places is still buy a house by the man to assume responsibility, the woman responsible for the decoration of the money or the purchase of daily necessities .Therefore ,although this provision is no distinction while protecting the rights and interests of the man and the woman ,but according to the existing customs, such provisions of the woman and her parents are very bad .
One might argue, now men and women are equal ,why should the man responsible for buy a house ?Indeed, women now than in the past ,has become more and more independent ,but gender differences is an undeniable fact that .
The so-called equality is an ideal state of legal development ,social division of labor is different for men and women .The man most engaged in the family and social labor ,undivided attention to career .
Nowadays woman although also can play certain roles within the family ,but the society labor is still the focus of life ,especially in the education of children and care of the elderly ,to take the family responsibilities ,so its spending on energy will be reduced naturally ,this is a recessive sacrifice .
Superwoman is minority after all ,and the strong reference is often the women in general ,and not by man came to the conclusion that .Even now, man in marriage is still a strong side .
This is the marriage law thirty-ninth article mentioned rights of children and the woman on the legislative background of principle .So ,not in order to prove this provision was established and deny women .
A lot of women on this provision is not purely because of opposition house ( single to house and married women or minorities, most women will rationally choose their own happiness ) ,really make them uneasy is the attitude of the law .
This article give women presents such a scene :after divorce, once home to sacrifice so much that he would be out ,perhaps also with their children ,their original mostly savings are spent on family life, share the property is not enough to buy housing ,after a divorce themselves to be homeless .
.. ... The more vulnerable people more is to look for a sense of security, but such fears about the future that makes them feel uneasy, so they must strongly rejection caused his disturbing factors ,direct expression is against the cold law .
Of course ,we will not be in order to protect the Vulnerable Woman rights on the exclusion of the same immutable parent interest ,this provision of parental interest protection is correct ,its itself does not have a problem .
Controversy is not rooted in laws deprived her of ownership housing rights ,but in the law of giving women without other comprehensive protection .Just imagine ,if the law to give women constructed another scene ,female will be so fierce opposition ?Although the same divorce ,housing ownership still belongs to the man ,but when the woman facing the homeless situation ,law gives the choice to continue living in the original home of the rights of man ,or the law to give compensation to ensure the woman obtained with the original differs not quite living conditions, so there are several woman would care so much about the ownership of the house ?Judicial interpretation (three ) partial section of original rights deprived of the woman ,but not from another angle to remedy the situation ,the balance is broken ,so it caused so much controversy .
China marriage law although a salvage measures and legal responsibility chapter ,but its content is mostly aimed at the severe damage to one side of the right of relief ,to thirty-ninth in the reference to take care of the woman rights and interests principle without the slightest manifestation .
Marriage law article fortieth and forty-second respectively provided for pay more duties and life difficult side of the relief ,but use the compensation ,given appropriate help such vague words .
Remedial need to what degree ?What kind of help is appropriate ?The law does not give any specific provisions .The big empty promise what may let the weak get expect a sense of security? In contrast to other state laws .
Japan legal provisions ,if divorce ,the woman can get 70% real estate ,this is a women a covert compensation .Britain in early 1973 it established therelief system of divorce, in practice, the court will generally award will be housing transferred to children live together in one spouse ,children or in independent living shall not dispose of the housing ;in addition ,the court also make regular pay alimony to his wife command ,until the child does not need the full time care so far, the cost of maintenance is the wife child care compensation .
German laws and regulations, if divorce will give one spouse brings great difficulty ,or to their common interests of both sides ,the timely marriage does not allow divorce .In the United States ,vulnerable side after a divorce can be obtained from the other party to pay alimony ,maintenance fees amount according to the marriage age to determine ,if more than ten years ,will need to pay the permanent alimony .
If the marriage law of our country but also for the design of such effective protection measures, so who cares about whether the house is registered in his name ?To sum up ,the dispute causes is hidden behind the marriage law of our country to divorce the weaker side relief is obviously insufficient .
Most people want to seek in the marriage is happiness than money ;when getting divorced people struggling to compete for the seemingly is money ,in fact is the dignity .Hope that through the improvement of the relief mechanism ,can make the weak hold their dignity !In recent years ,human rights principles ,people-oriented values is gradually becoming the important concept of contemporary Chinese ethical reflection .
Although the human rights is our constitution as a fundamental state policy ,but with other national constitutional provisions ,a high generality protecting human rights ,always seemed too vague and abstract ,difficult for people in the face of different right carrier ,conflicts between different interest demands ,providing specific behavior guidance .
Therefore, an accurate determination the connotation of the human right concept ,clear draw the outline of human rights norms applicable boundary ,has become the natural ethics to deepen the theoretical research of the human rights had to face an important task .
On the principle of human rights is concerned ,the most effective ,the most convincing argument comes from the doctrine of contract .But the doctrine represents only a minimum of morality ,it also means that the doctrine that moral community within very limited .
While the doctrine can only be to the approval of the rather limited moral community to provide moral protection ,or to say, human rights protection .Then ,the doctrine established by the boundary of ethics community ,human rights is the boundary .
A moral community ,contract in the contract of view, morality is not a first in things ,but human to live better ,in order to protect their own interests and the interests of the conflict between regulation of the invention .
What is moral is embodied in a benefit with rational ability, and has the same interests and rational ability who signed the mutual rights and obligations of the respective discharge guarantee contract ,the moral is to safeguard the rights and obligations of the rule system .
There are three meanings :first ,the moral is to exist, rather than the reverse .Second ,moral comes from contract between people .Third ,this kind of contract means that people have moral rights ,but also for certain moral obligations and constraints .
From the above to contract moral understanding can be seen ,only with the rational ,self-conscious person would have on the moral requirement ,to sign a contract ,exercise of moral rights and fulfill the moral obligations .
At the same time ,comply with ethical ,for each claim ,request to achieve self-protection has gain rational person, is absolutely useful .In this way ,each has a sensible person will be moral requirements as a moral law, abide by moral for everyone is a must, which he wants to do a what kind of person, want to have the moral quality ,have the ideal and belief ,attitude ,self understanding and feelings preference and so on no relationship .
Contractualism morality is the moral rights and moral obligation as a basic component .What is moral is to safeguard the rights and perform the corresponding obligations to this point ,constitute the basic structure doctrine of moral thinking .
Such a moral values have a strictly stable equivalence properties :rational equality between people is ,between the human and the human rights are equal ,responsibility is equal ,to safeguard the rights and obligations are equal .
In the moral has a strict reciprocity of the rights and obligations of structure .Each has a moral obligation ,also have the moral right .Each has the moral right ,also have a moral obligation .
In other words ,people only relative to those with moral rights ,have moral obligations; and only those who have a moral obligation ,have moral rights .In short ,moral is a strict equivalence in order .
If the structure of stability in a certain condition the split down ,whether it is only attach importance to this subject and ignore the other actors ,or only emphasizes the obligation not to say right ,or vice versa ,contract is moral concept structure will collapse up .
Because of the contract embodied as a strict equivalence in order ,so such a moral theory applicable scope is very limited ,it is a bottom line ethics ,only the protection of all rational contract signing the people including physical and mental integrity ,freedom ,the right of life ,property and the salvage rights and other fundamental human rights .
The doctrine of moral community range may extend beyond these rational parties .While these rational adult body condition is contracted creed of moral community access conditions .Famous contemporary German contractualism ethicist Stema ( Peter Stemmer ) thinks ,this condition has three: first ,with interests .
No interest requirements ,also need not make moral to provide protection .In second ,has a rational ability .Only the rational ability ,louboutin pas cher,ability of good and evil ,good and bad ,beneficial or harmful to generate accurate cognition ,so as to make their behavior of conscious control .
Third ,has capacity to act .A person with ability ,it is the important sign of out of a state of nature .Have a capacity to act ,then it is for other actors exert positive or negative real influence ,this influence has the moral significance .
According to this standard ,the only rational adult is moral community members .Infants and young children because they do not have the capacity to reason, human future because they do not have the capacity to act ,animal because they do not have the capacity to reason, which naturally have to be excluded from the EEC .
In the doctrine of moral community outside ,cannot perform the moral obligation ,of course also cannot have the moral right, and therefore cannot be moral protection .Two ,how to achieve the protection of human rights in future human infants ,but were excluded from the human moral community outside of this conclusion ,and usually the moral intuition is contrary to, also do not accord with the international human rights protection law .
If so ,adhere to the contract ethics community strict access conditions ,it will inevitably encounter in infants and young children and the future of human rights to be argument problem .
According to popular understanding ,infants when the belonging to the human moral community members .But the contract doctrine would argue ,if infants because owners attribute ,is a kind of existence form of human and automatic moral community membership ,then this means not only from being launched from experience should be ,features naturalistic fallacy moral protection ,but also obviously in promoting a species of .
However ,if in accordance with the contract doctrine ,infants and animal due to simultaneous cannot have access to the moral community in the three conditions were excluded from this community ,then the infants and animal what difference ?When infants and animal occurs between the irreconcilable conflict, what criteria available basis so as to make the behavior choice ?In fact ,the infant is a section on the rational adult and animal between the special existence .
And the rational adult ,they are currently unable to meet all the conditions in the moral community .And animal are different, they have become able to enter a moral community adult potential .
Therefore ,demonstration of infants can enter the moral community motivation and prove they cannot enter the moral community and the weight is heavy .They can enter the moral community ,depends on the rational adult finally embodied in law of contract .
But in fact include doctrine ,the vast majority of people ,support for infants and young children to care ,and is of a different nature than to the animal as a protection .The problem is ,how to make the protection argument .
Contract of their solutions are :to infant protection into signing the contract of stakeholders ,contract signing for their own interests of the researchers ,and mutually agreed with care to infants .
If who breach ,were not on the infant heartless ,but the contract partner unrighteousness ,damage to the contract partner agreed in advance and get the benefit of mutual recognition .This solution is characterized by ,on one hand, recognized in the morals behavior main part ( rational ,adult and infant parents ) do not exist between the equal rights between infants ,therefore does not belong to the moral community ,do not have direct moral rights .
On the other hand ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,because as a moral community member ,and they have a ( an infant -- directing note ) associated with the interest ,and will be of such interest protection as the content of morality ,so that the infant will be connected in a moral community .
Thus, infants have indirect moral rights ,and with the help of their indirect moral obligations and be protected .However ,indirect moral rights ,obviously can not make infants acquire and rational adult equal human rights protection .
First of all ,contract doctrine asserted ,everyone has a connection with the interests of children ,it is the interest in the presence that infants are connected in a moral community within possible .
This interest has two forms ,one is that everyone has their interests so future generations succession ( or interest ) .Two is the senior and junior always hope maintained an association .
But the actual experience shows that these two forms of interest exists, for each person is a may not necessarily is a kind of inevitable .Because people just may have such an interest ,the infants in the doctrine of contract here can enjoy a possible moral right ,get a possible moral protection .
Secondly ,even if the contract signed with protection of the interests of the offspring were due to natural calamities and man-made misfortunes ,but in the face of such emergencies caused by the community of material living conditions has been devastated situations ,rational adult can still decide to give up all and offspring relates interest ,thus giving up on infant moral protection .
The two cases show that ,because the infant does not have the substantive moral rights ,so they could not win and rational adult equal human rights status .Contract of future human infants ,can provide the protection is quite limited and fragile .
So ,how to obtain a contract signed in infants with them the same absolute moral protection provides a compelling argument ?We must admit ,infants were moral protection ,from contract signing them against their own immediate interests to .
But if we will contract signing stakeholders understood only as a general interest ,then these benefits will be because of some kind of living conditions of the change be an easy job to make rational adult in their other more fundamental interests .
So the infant can be moral protection ,also depends on the context and the nature of its historical fate of contingency .Therefore ,to obtain a adult and infant as absolute moral protection ,must from contract signing their own a special interest, it is in some sense and even his own life to maintain their own basic interests at the same level .
Only such a nature of the special interests will make contract signing the infant human rights and their rights as important, as the infant moral community and adult as an equal member of the .
And this kind of special interest is the what ,Louboutin Pas cher,where comes ?As we know, every rational adult can enjoy by signing the contract of moral rights ,access to human ethics of protection ,is a prerequisite for each one of us in the first access to us impossible to contract with parents and elder care .
No such non reciprocity of blessing ,we will not be able to grow into the rational adult stage .For parents and seniors in the first pay, we cannot choose to also can .As both a qualitative and first in nature so that we have generated a priori choice or a priori interest ,that is the unconditional parental care also give us unconditional transfer to our children .
The infant care is called a priori choice ,because the care we can not escape and give up ,as we can and give the parents of our care .The infant care is also called a priori interest ,because this kind of care concept has been deeply embedded in our moral consciousness ,so that we perceive as a social animal ,people will live in a multidimensional social relations network world .
Each of us comes from others to care about this, first in the determined care has also constituted one of our moral genes and mental collection, about our moral behavior ,but also our own interests has become an important element .
Thus ,although infants of human rights is of signing the contract agreement ,is a rational adult conferred ,but contractors protect infants not out of their interests ,but rather a special of a priori interest ,so infants also like all members of the moral community ,its interests in the protection of human rights within the borders of access an absolute guarantee .
In three ,animal protection is not moral behavior in accordance with the contract standpoint ,animal is absolutely excluded from moral community outside .Because the animal has capacity to act ,but no rational ability ,do not know how to perform its obligations ,to take control of their behavior ,in the natural state ,and it will never change .
But in the 17-18century,the concept has been questioned .Especially with the deep ecological ethics movement, many ethicists by human rights coverage and scope of application of continuous expansion of historical enlightenment and encouragement, believe that such expansion can benefit the animal body, thus to promote the extension of human rights protection border ,advocating animal into moral community ,that animal is the carrier of moral rights and the moral obligations of the object ,even can win and human equate position .
However, the animal rights advocates are unable to cope with the following two problems :first ,when in human rights and animal rights occurs between the irreconcilable conflict, especially when human survival and health demand and animal life protection between occurs when the contradictions and conflicts ,it should be how to solve ?If this issue is that the interests of human beings must make a sacrifice oneself results ,so does this mean that in an era of ecological ethics ,the concept of human rights ,the principle of people-oriented is already out of date ?In second ,the animal rights advocates can not study, why in the animal because of the lack of ability to reason and cannot with the human and moral space or social ( Hume language) cases, humans have unilaterally to protect animal obligations ,and animal can unilaterally to enjoy rights ,without having to make the same the pay? How to demonstrate the human animal protection is a kind of ethics must be ?Information ethics community is a balance of rights and obligations of the community, if does not have the rational ability just was incorporated into the moral community ,just enjoy the rights protected ,without any obligation and become a privileged groups ,then it will be in the moral community in an unequal relationship ,not fair ,when not fair ,not dominate a community when, the latter can stably exist ?What need points out is ,animal rights advocates to animal into the moral community will provide a compelling argument ,does not mean that people can not provide proof for animal protection .
It is entirely possible to restrict their behavior for the price signed a contract to animal .But such a behavior for the animal is obviously can not be called moral behavior ,animal is not a moral community of the column,Louboutin Pas Cher, so the moral of this concept for it does not have any significance .
Conversely ,when human and animal interests interests between the irreconcilable conflict, the former ,the latter option maintenance expense is not a moral problem .Not belonging to a moral community animal ,of course, and the moral of this concept unrelated .
As Stema said ,here is the key, should do away with altruism is the moral behavior such a misunderstanding .In fact, there are two types of altruism .An ethical altruism behavior, such as honor their parents ,christian louboutin,care of offspring ,because the object is the behavior of moral community member ,so this altruistic behavior belongs to moral behavior .
Moral behavior is a must for sexual behavior, if the behavior of objects have moral rights ,then the behavior main body must perform an inescapable duty ,he must be moral action ,and that he is a how of person ,with what kind of understanding of self ,ideas and preferences have no relations .
Another kind is the ethical altruism behavior .Such behavior is not determined by moral obligation ,to unilateral obligation or unilateral right as the characteristics ,so there is no moral order characteristics .
It often depends on the behavior main body their life ideal ,religious beliefs ,emotions and attitudes towards the weak ,including genetically determined behavioral habits ,may also depend on a regional community of living history .
Non ethical altruism may even be entirely out of self-interest motivation :as a means to accomplish a purpose ,or to eliminate a threat of fear .And treat animal ,is a kind of typical non ethical altruism behavior .
Due to non ethical altruism without moral order feature ,not as a widely applicable and effective of the basic principles of conduct ,the moral choice has a human before ,that altruism is only one possible choice behavior .
Out of compassion and caring animal always hope that all people are out of sympathy and animal protection ,thereby achieving a full of love ideal world .But their caring behavior is only a non ethical altruism behavior, does not have the moral must color ,so they also have no right to force others to like yourself treats animal .
This does not mean that we should not pity animal pain ,does not mean that we can not represent the animal rights to treat animal reached the agreement ,but this and the so-called animal is the moral right of carrier no relationship .
Who destroyed the animal protection agreement ,who destroys between human and animal related obligations ,but not destroyed and the obligations of animal .In this sense ,deep ecological ethics movement called animal ethics problem is a false problem .
Animal rights concept is unlikely to be a cause of moral community extension ,did not and could not change the concept of human rights and the sanctity of the people-oriented principle .Animal rights can be determined by the people to represent and advocate ,animal protection should be realized by the human ,but all of this occurs in the idea of human rights beyond borders .
In four ,at the end, a solution of magic ,the secular age ,ethics has been laid a mysterious religious and metaphysical color ,and become established for human reason ,understand and grasp things .
Rationality is limited ,but only through the rational ability for moral norms are formed to provide a solid platform ,and the moral principles to win legitimacy .And by reason foundation ,is recognized as the most effective moral argument for a form ,it is not only the origin of morality ,moral community construction and the protection of human rights has provided convincing proof and defense ,but also for human rights applicable boundary made clear .
The human rights boundary demarcation will never lead to weaken and even damage the people to uphold and abide by the principles of human rights .On the contrary ,only to make a clear definition of human relations ,only the moral community or the human rights community to make accurate grasp ,in order for the rational adult human rights protection to lay more solid theoretical basis for the protection of the rights of children ,provide more eloquent logic card for animal protection ,seek more appropriate support .
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Eight railway workers to ensure the life of Spring Festival unbl

the end of last year, the Nanning-Kunming line Kunming Public Works Section in the equipment inspection found too small river station between Jiang Suotian station Hailin tunnel vault lining crushing, and concrete off the block trends, for ensure that the Spring Festival traffic safety,louboutin, the segment from December 31, 2011 to set up a guard point, arrange 8 rotation guarded 24 hours a tunnel.
located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the Nanning-Kunming line, along the undulating terrain and steep slopes and deep valleys, across the board there is a tunnel 250, with a total length of over 190 km, which is longer than 3 km of the tunnel 6. The tunnel length, accounting for almost a full line of 1/4. Due to geological conditions, the tunnel entrance with natural conditions and poor geological conditions, hole disease is more common, such as landslides off the arch lining cracking,Christian Louboutin Ireland, even landslides.
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Hu steady born diseases of the mouth of the tunnel is very clear,
inside the cave, cold and moist, cloudy air. More than 40-year-old Hu stable students quickly with a rag wiped his chair and greeted reporters to sit down, Tan Yong filed briquette stove to put reporters in front of himself to the hand had to heat stood.
in 2011, the Kunming Railway Bureau adhere to the safety bus absolutely safe as scientific development is the most important, most fundamental premise of effort to implementation, strong foundation, observe the focus, control key, the Transportation Security maintained a steady general class of accident, the annual traffic fell 59%, equipment failure fell by 54%, a complete security.

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small Hailin tunnel length of 800 meters, the flashlight is just the only light in the dark tunnel. Nanning-Kunming line Kunming Public Works Section 8 staff rotation to avoid the car in a tunnel cave duty, camp bed, desk, telephone, refrigerator and some cooking utensils, constitute their
train through, Hu stability seriously take down his check.

chatted for a while, Hu stability, looked at his watch, stood up and said: m range of diseases premises visual inspection again, via the front passenger trains per trip must also be re-checked again. In order to accurately grasp the passenger train run time, each of them in the pocket Chuaizhuo schedules, dig to dig, timetables hair side.

home to ensure that the Spring Festival passenger safety, Kunming Railway (microblogging) Hu stability, Tan Yong workers already living in the tunnel hole
soon, a strong cold wind hit, the air inside the tunnel suddenly became turbid, the ear seems to be blocked by something like an instant loss of hearing. Energy-saving lamps hanging on the wall of the Stable Tan Yong and Hu standing upright physique, stand in the center of the

newspaper Kunming, January 22
Kunming Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai-Kunming, Chengdu-Kunming, Nanning-Kunming three standard gauge railway, under the jurisdiction of cross-southwest Yunnan, Guizhou,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, Sichuan three provinces, the region high mountains and water depth, the geological complexity of the long tunnel and difficult tunnel. Changes
do a good job,Louboutin Pas Cher, as always, to ensure that the Spring Festival safety is our greatest expectations. , there are a few The geological structure is very complicated. In the harsh natural conditions, low line equipment level under adverse conditions, Kunming Bureau of the Public Works system unremittingly rectification circuit, excellent rate of 94% of the council line.

Yuehua Jian, a train is about to come,Louboutin Pas cher, Tan Yong reminder:
this time, the tunnel and eight workers at home. With rice, noodles and vegetables in their daily succession, the water is outside the tunnel to mention mountain spring water, drink up a bit sweet. In order to protect their basic livelihood of the segment sent them a small refrigerator, pull the power, with a drink with a cotton-padded clothes and medicines, as well as heating stoves and coal.

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Reporter usually long you can sell this thing

Villagers: this thing, if the market is good,Louboutin Pas cher, two or three months when he sold the market is not good, then have a year, I have been for two years, sell. Even if the boss recognizes the reality of the sulfur smoked but did not catch the evidence of field fumigation, Longxi County Food and Drug Administration staff who said that the violation of this workshop could not be confirmed, can only be seized sulfur confiscated, the site taken medicine for inspection; Moreover, even if the sample submission, also impossible to determine the sulfur content of herbs has been exceeded, exceeding the number of national food and drug supervision departments and local drug test departments have not sulfur dioxide standards. The sulfur content of those herbs are what is it? Visited the medicinal market, medicinal herbs, workshops and Yaonong, the reporter went to a local herbal medicine processing enterprises. The reporter asked the companies own laboratory, detected about herbs from the market back to a sulfur content of the test, but found the enterprise there is no such laboratory conditions. Chen Jie Chen Jie Gansu Longxi transit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. General Manager: the national pharmacopoeia of a sulfur dioxide detection methods, but the equipment,louboutin, including its reagent is not good to buy, because the reagents are arsenic trioxide, so not a good buy. Chen Jie told reporters that countries do not make provisions for the medicinal sulfur content standards, they usually do not generally do the medicinal sulfur content of the test, even if the measured sulfur content of national standards than the product containing sulfur poisoning. Chen Jie: censorship does not detect objects, and sulfur dioxide. Basically, it detects must be Pharmacopoeia standards, the national pharmacopoeia, the national law it has it only. Not detected, there is no standard. Chen Jie told reporters that some countries and regions, including Korea, Hong Kong, including the high sulfur content in herbs, Korea sulfur dioxide content in the Chinese herbal medicine is limited to 30 mg per kg, while the herbs are also sold in Hong Kong divided into non-sulfur and sulfur content of the two specifications. Chen Jie took a reporter to visit they want to sell to a group of Hong Kong sulfur-free Angelica batch Angelica from the direct harvest of the production base, without sulfur smoked. Export of medicinal sulfur content is very strict requirements, they can only control the supply of methods to buy medicine meet low sulfur requirements. Jie Chen: Hong Kong market is the case, it is sulfur, sulfur smoked a price of sulfur is a price to Hong Kong is sulfur-free, with customers - there is an agreement. Reporter: This price difference? Chen Jie: the price difference a lot of difference between 20% to 30%. Chen Jie told reporters that want to buy is not in the local sulfur smoked before the medicine is not easy, if you want to buy sulfur-free or low sulfur herbs only in medicine before any processing, directly from the ground to close up. Followed quickly shot to reduce the infestation of trouble. Chen Jie: from the origin, place of origin directly from the base up to close a year basically we received to deal with their own, which would avoid sulfur smoke. Host: after reporters Report, the Longxi local law enforcement agencies suspected of sulfur fumigation of Chinese herbal medicines were sampled, but how to be investigated and dealt with, but also to wait for test results, we will continue to focus on. The reporter noted that the entire Longxi County, medicine production base, but no one can detect the place of the medicinal sulfur content, which also gave bad traders an opportunity to exploit. How to change this situation? The reporter also interviewed relevant experts. The herbal medicine market of traditional Chinese medicine Association of Professional Committee of Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Xun told reporters that the specification of this sulfur fumigation medicine, the establishment of national standards is the most important issue. Currently, the State Food and Drug Supervision Administration has issued a document, the problem of governance sulfur smoked herbal medicines, the 2010 version of the national pharmacopoeia also detect the medicinal sulfur dioxide content. However, the relevant departments of the State of the sulfur content of Chinese herbal medicine has always been no specific, uniform limits. Zhou Xun Zhou Xun, China Chinese Medicine Association of Chinese herbal medicines market professional Deputy Secretary-General of the Commission: the current situation,Louboutin Ireland, because now the state does not have a rigid targets, that is, for example, a constant index, sulfur content, so this thing is difficult to implement some. Yuan Zhang Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine associate professor of Zhang Yuan: We should strictly control a good limit, which means that you take the medicine which the sulfur dioxide limit, to be finalized, so that we can have a standard to perform. Zhou Xun told reporters that South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions, is strictly prohibited smoked with sulfur medicinal, the medicinal sulfur content requirements are very strict. In September 2007,Louboutin Pas Cher, the South Korean release of heavy metals in herbal specification and test methods The maximum limit revised to 30 mg per kg, the new content standards significantly lower than the revised standard before the sulfur content of some medicinal previously standard fiftieth. Sulfur medicine prices on the domestic market of China's exports to these areas, sulfur-free herbs than your ten to twenty percent. The incentives of the price difference some Yaonong and received the drug dealers consciously abandoned the approach of the sulfur smoked. Zhou Xun: they seem to basically sulfur content I basically do not, in the product phase are basically the same premise, without sulfur fumigation price is certainly higher than the sulfur fumigation. Zhou Xun said, sulfur smoked herbs, herbal medicine production bases are located in remote areas, on Yaonong sulfur smoked herbs more in to save the convenience needs. Zhou Xun: poor storage conditions, so now we have also made the market must establish a standardized warehouse. Zhou Xun said that the recommendation should be funded by the Government to establish a standardized medicine storage facilities in order to avoid the drug dealers and drug agricultural sulfur fumigation and to store medications. Zhou Xun: the management and circulation of the last Chinese herbal medicines in Japan is doing very well, doing the best it should be said. Its storage, its entire warehouse in Tokyo, Japan, a large warehouse, logistics center, the basic all the Chinese herbal medicines in Japan, they Kampo are basically from that warehouse over and flow through, of course, for example, storage conditions Ye Hao logistics means or its management including the detection of very limited, very strict. The experts also told reporters that sulfur-free herbs need a good drying technology and advanced storage facilities to support, but in the medicine storage, a lot of places depends on the backward sulfur fumigation, there is no advanced warehousing and logistics system, foreign food, medicines, drying and storage technologies have advanced experience. Zhang Yuan: you used such as foreign warehousing food like this frozen dry, low-temperature drying method, infrared drying, filtering, drying, they studied the conservation of controlled atmosphere is to put the worms, the effect is very good and very economical. but also to ensure safety. Moderator: After thousands of years of succession and development of Chinese medicine has become an important cultural treasures of the Chinese nation, the Chinese pay attention to the harmony between man and nature. As more and more people agree with this philosophy,christian louboutin, traditional Chinese medicine to eat Chinese medicine is more and more people. Currently has more than 160 countries and regions, the use of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, can be said that the global TCM heat continues to heat up. This situation should be said that the Chinese medicine market in China will play a positive role in the incentive. But we are very sorry to see that the very lack of touches, South Korea, Japan's neighboring countries have formulated strict standards and norms of the Chinese medicine industry standards. The result is a high-quality medicine is sent abroad, we have to to digest those herbs smoked with sulfur. We call on the relevant departments as soon as possible,Christian Louboutin Ireland, national standards to ensure the safety and reliability of Chinese herbal medicines. Do not let the life-saving medicine into a slow poison. Today's program here, thanks for your the watching

two senior media people in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the eyes of Shenzhen and Hong Kong's media environment, media and urban form symbiotic in the Hong Kong film and television work, we often can see Hong Kong war correspondent in a hail of bullets pick up of ? the current theme: Shenzhen and Hong Kong's media environment (Southern Metropolis Daily www.nddaily.com SouthernMetropolisDailyMark Southern Network) at the Hong Kong film and television work, we often can see the Hong Kong war correspondent in the hail of bullets in the English fierce posture, his back to the battlefield, Hong Kong reporters dare broke the news, afraid to speak out, dare out The other hand,louboutin pas cher, Hong Kong gossip readers taste heavy, but the mainland readers difficult to accept, gossip and privacy to expose long dominated newspaper headlines in Hong Kong. A positive and negative two conditions, constitute almost the impression of most people in Shenzhen on the Hong Kong media. However, the above but that is only appearance. Hong Kong media has a kind of ecological? Media practitioners and society, a wide range of relationship? Compared to Shenzhen, the media environment, the significant difference? Southern reporter interviewed two senior media people with life experience of the In the horizons of these witnesses and the parties, the Hong Kong reporters may not necessarily competent Well-known the ? Guo Lieutenant Colonel Hong Kong Asia Weekly senior reporter network, Guo Lieutenant Colonel view, this equation is difficult to set up, because for the majority to encroach on the high prices in Hong Kong, the ordinary house more than 60,000 Hong Kong dollar a square meter, with hundreds of thousands of slightly better, the average white-collar Shangqie unbearable, not to mention reporters led a thin pay. Shenzhen, reporters tend to have wider employment choices available in many fields of culture, communication, writing In Hong Kong, the media, who While economic and career prospects are slightly shabby, but the Hong Kong reporter back in the upper classes, the intelligentsia is a sense of respect. Hong Kong readers not 'gossip', 'them a group of intellectuals, entrepreneurs, especially appreciate the in-depth news and commentary, the very desire of the elite language and elite, keen to buy Social, speech, current affairs, newspapers and they have great respect for the vision, well-informed reporter. possibility. probably only simple to call reporters to eat a meal. surge, but soon was enraged readers, media persons, the Star Alliance work together to resist the force of law and timely intervention, forcing the institutions will be strict oversight of the content of media reports, if the news is false or contrary to morality, they put usher in severely punished, In the Mainland, the reporter certificate published by News General Administration of printed and issued by the Press and Publication Administration, uniform numbers, and stamped with the seal of the General Administration of Press and Publication, News Reporter certificate issued by the special seal, News Reporter permit annual audit of the special seal, and the news institution stamp is valid. However, no such where distributed to news organizations 'work permit' market-oriented business atmosphere, the dynamic flow of editorial staff, the publication cycle of short instant, but also makes the journal, do the media take a more flexible policy. put

long; Red Association changed its name to the New China News Agency, referred to Xinhua News Agency, Bogut any president before renamed the KMT Central News Agency news wires to Zhonghua part of important news published in newspapers and partly printed in the as Xinhua News Agency President to the Zhonghua, and continue to be responsible for the , who have the latest news and publish his views on the current situation. always night to Zhonghua Chairman Mao's conversation assault sorted out, Xinhua News Agency on behalf of published or published in the latest edition of the after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, with the formation of the anti-Japanese national united front, the establishment of the Chinese Communist leadership of anti-Japanese base areas to the Zhonghua Xinhua News Agency business gradually expanded. not only released the number of news wires from around 2000 words a day increased 5,000 words, but also often publish the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee decided to news agency Tass and the German Sea Newswire, Reuters, UK, France, Havas News Agency, U.S. Agency for International news agency and other telecommunications, Collecting and translated to Zhonghua organization personnel to write, broadcast, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region and anti-Japanese base areas people can more quickly from a major event in their development of multifaceted understanding of the international and domestic,christian louboutin shoes, according to the instructions of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong, established in various anti-Japanese base Xinhua News Agency bureaus set up in the Branch agencies, staff matching, job the nature, tasks and other aspects of a specific request to the Zhonghua 11, an interview with the Xinhua News Agency communications to expand into various behind enemy lines, anti-Japanese base areas, timely and accurate coverage of the struggle of the anti-Japanese military and civilian war morale, and inspire the people early in June 1938. Mao Zedong, occupied areas, and had a tremendous response in the country, encouraged the morale of soldiers and civilians of the war the country, determined to win the confidence of the national military and civilian war. the Japanese special combat role hated the Xinhua News Agency, repeatedly flew the barbaric bombing of its resident - Qingliangshan. day, working Zhonghua hear the sirens, immediately organized to evacuate to the Chinese translation of the power of boulder cave to take shelter. comrades hole, he was the last one ran hole, just stand still and hear the hum of the aircraft. Qingliangshan have been very close from Yan'an City, the Xinhua News Agency to live a few caves and temple, they are relying on a prominent hill angle. just listen to aircraft circled for a while, and then at the mountain foot around, lost a lot of bombs. Obviously, the bombing of the goal is to Qingliangshan suddenly a loud noise, sudden Grottoes is a dark hole, an strong smoke flavor Banzhe the dust flew into the hole, choking everyone breathless. to encourage Zhonghua we should not panic, be calm, body close to the caves around two walls. a few minutes before getting to see a little light, I saw in front of a temple but not the entire, whole fried flat, the Japanese probably thought it was the office of the Xinhua News Agency, so concentrate on indiscriminate bombing and then look at the Zhonghua and everyone just stay boulder cave doors and walls of the hole blown sound disc on the roof the size of the stone to the deep-fried white, and fell to some stone chips. Fortunately, all the staff before the enemy dropped bombs to Zhonghua withdraw into the cave, did not result in casualties. alert lifted Fui Sha Zhonghua patted him, brush the dust on the table, immediately call everyone to find their own place to resume work. Since then, the Xinhua News Agency, the Japanese army when the line of several bombing. to Zhonghua experience, accustomed to time, the Xinhua News Agency comrades about dinner New Year, Japanese planes again Qingliangshan vicinity as the main target, and from the bombed several times, many bombs fell around the Zhonghua very calm, tell the cook to eat was delayed for a while after the bombing, he always, and lead us to continue to adhere to the job. inception of the Xinhua News Agency, With the continuous development of China's revolutionary cause, this form of organization can not afford it new historical tasks in early 1939, the CPC Central Committee decided to Xinhua News Agency and the became an independent institution, directly led by the central party newspaper Committee. Zhonghua also responsible for the business of the two bodies soon, Lee transferred to the beginning of the plow to the Zhonghua to Mao Zedong report Xinhua News Agency manpower shortage, Mao Zedong approved by the tune Linsheng of the Central Organization Department, Yue Hong, Wang Fatai, Chen Ying to the Xinhua News Agency to engage in foreign language translation of the electric work. At this point, the Xinhua News Agency's organization has slightly with the prototype, only translation services, but also had to edit the interview department, communications networks and Branch organizations to ensure the needs of printers. its business in addition to collect and publish the news of the majority of the people is urgently needed, and plays the role of the mouthpiece of the CPC Central Committee for the major events (such as Wang Jingwei collaborators, Wannan Incident and the KMT launched the previous anti-communist climax, etc.), is able to regularly reflect all sectors of public opinion, sometimes also responsible for the comments of the party newspaper, the CPC Central Committee and the guidance of the National People's Anti-Japanese struggle an important weapon to become a powerful tool of the anti-Japanese base areas and experience exchange. reported abroad to strengthen the organization in the form of telecommunications or newsletters Zhonghua, anti-Japanese struggle for the Chinese people to the foreign news agency in Moscow guests of the specific materials, the promotion of international progress on the understanding of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. immediately proceed with the transfer of Deputy Chief of Staff of the work of the organization asked him to not worry, cure the disease re-appointment, the doctor and his wife Du Ying and children tried to persuade him to rule the time, but he was on the third day appear in the jobs of the Guangzhou Military Region. Zhonghua has always been very strict requirements on their own, exemplary, he served as the People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff, the house is very poor, Ye Jianying, Vice Chairman, personally designated, so he moved into the house of a very good condition according to the situation at that time, he was transferred to the left is allowed to continue living in their children and loved ones in Beijing, to Guangzhou after taking office, immediately asked the family to move to live to the original house. the Tien Xiezun to Guangzhou after no house,christian louboutin, lived in the hostel in accordance with the provisions of troops, cadres live in the hostel, fixed meals a day to subsidize the meal of the day, he asked the secretary for food how to pay. Secretary every day to pay how much public subsidy, truthfully told him he immediately said: Immediately accountable to cook their own grocery shopping to buy rice to cook, and return to the previous public subsidies for food later, the organs functional departments to consider the work is not convenient to live in hostels Zhonghua long-term, the houses proposed to give him cover. To Zhonghua not expect to live in the guest house has an impact on business and reception of the hostel, they agreed to in accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Logistics Department, this level of cadres can cover a 400 square meters of the house, but he has instructed the management departments do not cover so much, not to high standards, so as to avoid waste. Thus, the administrative department in accordance with his request, built a four-bedroom house, implementation of the correct command? forces to convey the Third Plenary Session spirit. requires all commanders and fighters of the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the power, and fully prepared before the war to prepare, to ensure that the Party Central Committee and Central Military Commission, gave an order, immediately set off combat, a brilliant record in implementing the Third Plenary spirit. Then, he endured fatigue, night flight back to Guangzhou Military District authorities and the Sui forces to convey the spirit of the meeting, the Military District authorities should take the lead to seriously study and deeply understand, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session, and set a good example for the troops. self-defense defense war is about to begin, before the war, ready to Zhonghua has been worrying about things. Zhonghua will be in the Guangxi border front-line person to the military operations before mobilization, he called on all commanders and soldiers resolutely combat command, all actions obey orders; to carry forward the indomitable overwhelm an enemy's heroic spirit, courageously destroy the enemy, win the first battle; to the military, arms, between the various units, between the troops and the militia, will be united with each other in close coordination with and support one another to form a fist severely against the enemy; to strictly enforce the policy discipline and caring for the interests of the people, made the strong support of the masses of the people. and requirements: the military commanders to be calm and resolute, quick and clever, careful organization, the correct command, do not fight the battle without preparation, not fight uncertain battle; political workers should carry forward the fine tradition of our military and political work, it is necessary to become a fighting bravely, but also to do the field of political and ideological work, the incentive forces always maintain high enthusiasm for the battle; logistical comrades to effectively protection of arms and ammunition and other military supplies,christian louboutin pas cher, supply, do everything possible to the rear of the supply of timely sent to the front to go to vigorously do a good job of battlefield ambulance and military health, to reduce the forces of disease and wounded suffering Communists, the Communist Youth League to be attached to play a leading role in key role in a surprise role, retreat subjected to a severe test in the battle, the courage to take up the most difficult and most dangerous tasks. To this end, one by one troop check the combat training, combat programs, weapons and equipment, and every soldier fighting when the weight, eating and drinking and a series of specific issues to understand in great detail and found that the problem be corrected. troops into position, he was regardless of fatigue and life-threatening, in person at the border inspection and boarded one after an elevation of kilometers high hills, exploring its geography, reconnoitre, and then the two sides of the situation to make a combat deployment. regardless of his 68-year-old, the body is very thin, and suffering from liver disease torture. entourage to see he was very tired, one along persuaded him not to climb He said: Crutches, insists on continuing to climb, tired, place the rest a climb and then once he went to the forefront of the observed terrain, the higher the hill near the enemy, that block the view, if you climb the alpine down overlooking the mouth of the cliff, you can see each other all the circumstances of that mountain in the enemy's effective shooting range. Zhonghua adhere to the cliff mouth went to inspect the military leaders and staff officers to take into account this is very dangerous, and resolutely oppose him personally to dissuade said: Said: In this way, nearly 800 kilometers of border lines, hundreds of Block size of the hills, leaving his footprints from more than a month after the fighting broke out, has all along adhered to the Zhonghua directing the battle at the front command post that's just too work and spent many sleepless nights. really sleepy, and on dozing in a chair, or lying on the cot to sleep an hour. self-defense to combat the end of the command post to Zhonghua promptly organize forces do a good job battle summary, in particular, have to be realistic combat experience and lessons learned. He stressed that our troops 20 years of no war, the combat, there are many good lessons learned needs to summarize these lessons, the cadres and soldiers with their blood and life in return is priceless, we have to cherish it as teaching material, education and training troops. also emphasized that while summing up the experience of the victory, defeat lesson should deeply reflect on these aspects of the lessons sum up the future, war broke out, the face of adverse circumstances, you can change adverse and beneficial change from passive to active, to avoid or reduce losses to win the war victory. He also central, military sweep on the streamlining and reorganization, so that the forces the preparation of systems that can better meet the needs of modern warfare, instructions, and for our military in combat exposed some of the problems and characteristics of modern warfare, combined with the experience of military construction in the past few decades, a bold vision for force structure, institutional, and with his own name officially to the Central Military Commission, made a presentation shortly thereafter held the enlarged CMC meeting, the CMC of this report be distributed to participants to discuss, by the praise of many opinions, was adopted by the Central Military Commission in the study of the military reform program . six, work of the Central Military Commission, Wu Kehua of Guangzhou Military Region Commander, in order not to affect their work, do a good job shift, he insisted that she left the hospital and returned to Guangzhou organization shift. doctors take into account his serious condition, do not agree discharged, he Ruanmoyingpao the doctor had promised but repeatedly urged to immediately return to Beijing for further treatment. he returned to Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Military Region in detail to the leadership of the new commander Wu Kehua, and instructed the Military Region, the three organs, respectively, made a report to the newly arrived military leaders until after all the work completed, he did not leave until

the fire is out novel network reproduced] two hundred and fifty fifth harvest of four years and, respectively,
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Everyone the possibility to prepare reporter

Not that I do not love but sometimes I need you to

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Everyone the possibility to prepare reporter

. For reporters is not successful, the article well written,louboutin pas cher, most of the ideas the problem.


news story is a true story, not like writing a fiction fictional. Therefore, prior to make a lot of preparation.

find relevant information through channels such as online search, to find all articles about the object to be interviewed, and determine how can article valuable. Simple discrimination based on: a good media, the famous reporter. The

find this person's resume. The resume is very important, personal stories resume expansion. To back the character resume. Concerned about the date of birth, social background (such as whether experienced the Cultural Revolution). Research a person, from the research on this person's resume.

prepared interview outline

based on what has been written, the selection of 10 interesting stories for the production of interview outline enhanced version of the 10 story.

built on the basis of their predecessors will not become a castle in the air. Aim is to supplement and enrich the details of these stories has been the story production of the interview outline. In accordance with the the 5W1H elements of the news for the contradictions and conflicts, for the details of the story (whoever walked in, the first to hand, what to wear) to prepare an interview outline.

to avoid the object to be interviewed. Cooperation between reporters and interviewed, he would like to promote his product, he and his company, the reporter wanted to write a wonderful story, get all the praise, your goal and he is not the same. He talked about the future to talk about the present intention, the concept of the story is of no value, publicity, readers need a solution to his past, difficulties, conflicts and contradictions, he did not want to talk about. Therefore, if the interview outline is not good enough, he took his walk, pumping out.


want about the interview object must not give up. I want to interview Shi Yuzhu 2002, so far do not give up, until finally the opportunity (refer to Liu Ren Not reached to never give up. Persistent, non-stop harassment. Just a little effort, you can interview anyone. Always be a way.

harassment tactics, dead nibbling. Have a huge library of contacts. Send text messages, write e-mail, phone calls, asked a friend, to care more friends on an interview with intent, one not the second, the second is not three times, one day he will give you half an hour, as long as you have half an hour you will be successful a.

as long as you sit down at his office, about 10 minutes to half an hour earlier to perhaps 40 minutes, a good question perhaps becomes one hour.
as a reporter was to be righteous, as long as this industry can be an interview. An interview with him is he good, is to focus on him, because he is famous, he had no reason not to accept. Does not lie to you which media is that you can give him help.

it is about less than with other reporters to attend. If you do not interview important figures, only to participate in press conferences, you never usually do not. The reporter's success lies in your interview important figures in the number of interviews with important figures in the experience, you never know how to interview. The

extraordinary period to invite

extraordinary period of the object to be interviewed, if there can not find him, there would be no way. Therefore, to find him through a variety of relationships.

interview less than the first protagonist, can interview people around, such as employees, who knew him.

at a critical time, the interviewee may feel that interview will be a bad thing, do not want to be interviewed. Therefore, when writing articles must pay attention to the harm to people, not by the article. Fang Xiangming, and Shi Yuzhu later became very good friends, his starting point is to help him, what to write, what is not written to respect each other's views. Form a friend in need, and that is high level.

as the media industry, does not involve the enemy contradictions such, so you can not malicious. If you people think it is to pick on, you write the story, he will be a small circle of entrepreneurs, so that you interview any. Not to mention competitors in front of him, but can not help against competitors. Absolutely can not be reduced to bullets, weapons, and gunmen. Bullets can only be used once the weapons may have been abandoned, the gunman may have been killed. Do not promise to Do harmless, green reporters.

interview the give interviewed

the beginning of the interview with

a good impression. So to arrive early, prior revitalized and well dressed.

asked about the half-hour schedule, that is, ask him about his resume. When asked in the past tend to be more relaxed, you can go to any talk. Details may be involved, to understand which are related with the story, which has nothing to do, and only asked about the details. Get 20% your story. interview

let him review his childhood, he would be glad to, behind, he can recall one he is reluctant to talk about.

asked the details

asked contradiction can ask some of the details. Full of details of the article is most impressed with the people, the story would be very plump. The details of the opinion has nothing to do with the conflict, but the reader will feel being brought into the scene, the story has a very strong sense of the scene.

If you do not ask to be interviewed are not aware of the importance of details. Details to ask more detailed the better, scale master let each other tired is better, irritated not matter.

major details to the final 20% of the time to ask. Taken the trouble to fine to ask in front of you 80% of the time performance out of each other's respect, he will meet. But you are a consumer degree of tolerance, if he is tired of get up and leave,Louboutin, you interviewed have succeeded.

each article are the next article, advertising, if the first article, well written, have written the second article of his tolerance will increase.

access the contradictions

good story for pre-prepared Q contradiction. Conflict on behalf of the contradictions are often reluctant to speak. very high

asked contradictory skills. Must not let the person being interviewed to understand how much you know, journalists must talk less. Best to let him feel you know everything, just to verify.

learning to match wits with the process of the gangster film, the police interrogation of prisoners. Feeling he was lying or do not know whether he is telling the truth, give him some stimulation, he will argue, will expose some contradictions in the debate process.

come to the new facts with old facts. Blushed with each other, to speak one to speed up an excited, emotional, and new facts came out. If the person is very relaxed, laughing, that interview will fail. His IQ is higher than ours, his experience than we are rich, he can not tell lies, yet we shout for his flag-waver satisfied.

interview him the antithesis of the more contradictions, to stimulate each other's point of view, both sides point of view clash readers willing to read.

questioning techniques must be very straightforward and clear, very closed, like the judges asked the offender's right and wrong. Open question unclear facts.

let him know that your logic is clear, rather than heaven and on earth to casually ask. He did not know your logic, he did not know what you are doing, he will be tired.

the theme

article if no subject, there is no need to write. 80% of journalists do not understand the article must have a theme. The article can only have a theme, but can not have more than one theme (interview outline several themes can be scheduled).

after the end of the half-hour interview, should determine the subject, which is very important. At this time, they should know what stories need to be strengthened, which story do not have to ask.

long story 7 story enough, but how to write a few determined by the theme, the theme to be determined in the interview. The other

interview to be the whole use of the recording. The reporters do not have tape recorders silly reporters. During the interview can not take notes. The language can only convey limited information, so they looked at each other's look, but can not take notes. Taking notes will delay access to the most important information.

interview was only about 1.5 hours more than you tired.

interview experience exercise. The first time I do a press interview with the mayor, hands shaking, and then will not say, but now I do not have to interview outline are questions.

to finishing

collate the recording

finishing the recording will help you get familiar with the interview process, and can help you to be familiar with the materials and details, so that your mind is full of materials. Language can only give the audience 40%, so the recording to listen to a few times, we will hear a lot of overtones. Even today, an important article, I must personally finishing recording. If the recording is not recorded, it was like the end of the world. after

interview, take a day to all recordings organized into text, each sentence is sorted out. thinking


finishing recording materials point is not clear, indicating that the interview failed; if the 70% point in one direction, point to a vague topic. 20 title of 10 characters realistic, and then slowly compressed, and a short title.

if there is more than one theme is how to do? This is a challenge to the generalization ability of the reporter. Need a few good themes common to find a theme in the above mention training. the the

intellectuals have two important capabilities: a Subdivision ability, complex things down into small things, from small things to start; a general capacity, to see several different things something in common. Yang Jing five statements (see 5 statement summed up the world large-scale production; call statement segmentation and combination; interrupt the error occurred to interrupt. To find commonality is not a simple matter. the

Then, for every 500 words a subhead, clear 500 words to talk about. At this time, the need for large-scale deletions, delete the content that has nothing to do with the subject. Sometimes mistakenly deleted, it can be copied to another document. 30% want to delete, it will only delay you consider the material time.


to dialogue with the body into a story body

dialogue body into the story body, less than 90% of reporters. To strive to be the theme of dialogue body in the body of the story are not easy. Dialogic reading is poor, is not exciting, to be rewritten into a story body. Listed does not work, a message can not be a few things.

put each story into a close-up, close-up first scene, the scene needs a lot of details. Close-up is nothing more than a scene, plus action figures, action produces results. The accumulation of the scene is the story like a movie. As a reporter, to create scenes,Christian Louboutin Ireland, then the superposition of the scene. To write the premise of the story is written close-up. Not write the story, the first to write a little story.

only one skill: the beginning of an entry point to find a climax, the center of the contradictions, the intensification of the turn, launch of the scene, characters fighting some, the latter can launch the story in chronological order, in fact,louboutin, resume an expanded version.

accomplish these tasks, the story written. Between scenes can be coupled with the fact that the story not too plump. The scene should be clear, like a photo, like a movie camera. Scene + the fact that the reader brought to the scene so that readers feel the hero's life.

details is the key

detail is the key to dialogue body into a story body. No details of the story is very false, and the details of the story is true, it is very important. Energy is spent for details a headache, but you must look around to get the details.

can use someone else's material to enrich your details. This is not plagiarism, but to supplement the lack of details and facts. For celebrities, the interviewer, the details and facts. You rich, enrich your story to your sentence. The least important is the point of view, the view has no value.

a few do not

of Do not jump, do not send any talk, could not bear to let the character is. the

quotation is not too much. Only a strong personality when quotations. Quotations into the details or facts.

not interview after wrote the story, an interview if the wonderful writable interview notes, if there are comments to write another article, three articles can not be confused.

modify the text

began to words and sentences only when everything has been settled when.

must use short sentences, first of all necessary long sentences into short sentences, long sentences tired, like paper. The sentence is not top-heavy, well-proportioned. Short sentences is inherently symmetrical.

Do not use passive sentences, as long as the subject in active sentences.

eradication adjective, it is useless, will make people think that the author is very frivolous, and use the details to replace the adjective.

should sentences be done to streamline. Each word are the costs, the cost is very important. Word more readers to pay the cost the more the more he sought. Can be deleted from time to delete must be deleted. This is very painful, and not willing is not enough, and really could not do it edit the help.

title and first paragraph of

title is very important, very important first paragraph, must spend 30% of the time to carefully consider. The title and first paragraph (300 words) article, advertising, do not write the title and first paragraph of the people who do not write ads.

If the reader read 300 words does not mean that he will not read on. Spend a lot of time, about 20% of the time to think about the title. Such as Ding Lei, the title of Such as Do not know how stories get exciting time to pull got me is a kind of techniques and approaches when conducting the the

the attitude

only focus to eliminate all interference, and can only be 24 hours of writing. Article is not written breath, so do not burn the midnight oil, but to master a method of writing into steps, each only a little, so that each step is operational, so that each link straightforward. Only dialogue body into the story in this stage, is to require a high degree of attention.

99% of people do not is a genius, so use the slow effort to boil out, using artisan methods to writing. Use a craftsman attitude towards work.

each article have changed four times, each article is written to more than 75 points.

diligence is very important. Today, in addition to sleep is work, like playing the game but very restrained, in order to make the reporter really worked hard at. To learn from a lot of people. Movies are also learning.

specialized topic

, how to write the comment

basic point of view: a good review must be done, whether it is in favor of your point of view, or do not agree with your point of view, which will benefit.

targeted article is of no value, but the emotional catharsis. Replace the subject has also set up is the bad reviews, PR articles, rather than comment. the

facts and details are still important view is only to convey the facts. Commenting on the details is very important. Comments Do not get emotional, others read your comments in order to harvest your information. Your duty is to record facts, not to express their feelings. Written comments must be calm, to convey a lot of details of details of gold. The press conference can also see a lot of details, not released, but unfortunately we often do not with the eyes go.

simple comments are only for non-judgment, it is very rude. The world is complex and by no means only with non-view is a view, and support a rich view of the need to a wealth of facts.

prove an axiom or a well known fact does not make sense, just a waste of time. So, if the title is an axiom, that is garbage.

of Lu Xun's essays, his view is not correct, but passed a lot of knowledge, each article can not be replaced, do not feel boring, very interesting, very nice.

how to write negative reports

expression negative thing called evil and promote good. The basic approach is the only tenable fact, respect the preferences of readers, and let the readers draw their own conclusions, but do not comment.

a lot of things very interesting, he felt in his favor, and over time he felt the negative effects the next time will be how I will tell you.

learning The author can have a lot of skills.

Because the time of writing has taken note of the fact that the balance, and noticed that other people can have another interpretation, sympathy Ni Guangnan can also find materials. Liu do not want any negative things to put in front of the reader, he would have preferred to write this article did not. the

article signifier and signified is not the same, a good author must let the article in particular, there is tension, so that can refer to more. The poetry of the North Island and Wang Guozhen, Wang Guozhen the referred limit the dead, there is no room for imagination, while the North Island to make everyone's translation is not the same. Why is that? Wang spent too much subjective judgment. Do not use adjectives, do not use the judgment and subjectivity should be reduced to a minimum, to provide factual information.

Wiki there is a basic principle, called the principle of neutrality. For example, such as the Sino-Japanese War, it will be called the The neutral is there. Words, words and sentences should be as far as possible neutral, to avoid destruction of facts, the truth is very powerful. Confucius said, how

for news ideals

Rui is a very hardworking person, who wrote Rui ideal, concern for the fate, concern the issue of farmers Relief to vulnerable groups. He was very noble, very accomplished, very worthy of respect in the news.

I tend to design, to design an easy walk through the model to realize their ideas. I try not to let themselves helpless, helpless to try to let other people or units.

how to see Shi Yuzhu

Shi Yuzhu is a moral person, a responsible, successful. After the failure of the giant building, melatonin successful debt, a merchant's bottom line and integrity. Shi Yuzhu to do so, but also conducive to the long-term.

but I will not indulge in the assumption that his business ethics. I have no obligation, there is no duty to prove that he is a business ethics. I will not be to organize material in order to prove my assumption. As a reporter, not assumptions and feelings about the elimination of preferences and assumptions. I am not stupid enough to write articles, I will use the fact that only to give Shi Yuzhu whitewash. A lot of problems, not the skills and abilities, but on assumptions and judgments of the world.

how to see the Song Zhaodi

I think that the hero, rather than a hero for the times. A person can accomplish great things, is his good luck. A life transported three feng shui, the fifth, six come the reading what. (Google, the full statement is: . Long to do great things, a surprisingly after should do to keep things because there are always bad luck. But he is still a superior ability. I judge the same year. the business model of the

canteen is strong, so it can never be bankrupt. The Songchao Di Shi Yuzhu the business model is very complex, the only strongman to thought out, and no resources will be able to come to the fore, but each logical error, any link error will fail.

how to read

book is a good thing, a good book can change your. Unfortunately, we do not read, do not read carefully. News textbook

the United States has several, which the Associated Press, Have all the definitions and knowledge of the news.

the economics

industry reporter to understand the economy, the economy is very important to become a good reporter. Economics between liberal arts and science, between science and art. The Mankiw Economist The the

the literature

text is good or very important, the text needs to have the beauty of music. Classical phonological beauty and the vernacular does not have this beauty. Heard more than one, Hsu Chih-mo and other vernacular poetry developed into a highly Vernacular to be written in the United States is not easy.

suggest reading Poems of Li Bai and Du. Read Read the poetry of Mao Zedong, Mao's news reports, including news, reviews, survey reports are well written. Mao's article, momentum, momentum no doubt help to get rid of the article are not stingy, sticky Xianqi of great men.


most respected philosophers Nietzsche and Sartre, Nietzsche,


write the details of the capacity will be better than Stefan Zweig. Discussions with Yu Hua, the common conclusion that the level of a writer depends on the ability to write the details. Tuo Stowe Aliyev Sharansky, Stendhal, Zweig are the details of the master.

not write the details, read Zweig's biography would be helpful. Zweig write Nietzsche, Tolstoy did not seen to pass the main, the biography is not long, were written by celebrities.

the history

history is important. Trier's Trier has not been to China, only the use of secondary sources to write the best version of Mao Zedong biography. Historian's knowledge, background and ability to use information, is very great should be short not long

questions, the main implementation modalities of the reporter in the interview activities, how different The population of interviewed reporters want to get information related to the interview with the success of the activities to determine the reporter whether the true and accurate news and facts. Reporters in the interview, to highlight the short news features, proposed by each of these issues should be seriously scrutiny, well-designed, should be short not long. The human memory is limited, if the question is sloppy, vague, general and abstract, the interviewee will listen and forget to answer the question. regardless of the occasion, location, timing

some reporter interviewed frequently raised his microphone to ask some of the rambling, big but not the right question, such questions tend to make the interviewees do not know how to be fluent. Some reporters in the interview, the use of simple questions and answers and even pressed type. You ask me to answer interview exchanges should become hard and answered reporters' questions. Pressed-style interview, the interviewer out of the utilitarian nature of the writing in an attempt to

straight to the point, make the best use

straight style questions, the reporter into the topic of an interview with high efficiency a questioning techniques. This question is simple, popular and straightforward, does not beat around the bush and unambiguous its words. the

something to say, do not speak polite, can make an interview with an atmosphere of harmony and frank, but that does not mean that as long as the reporter a question, the other the same as ????? and emptied, the reporters want to know the facts out. It depends on the specific circumstances of the interview object, some people are good at conversation, voluble talk, make the reporter lost the initiative, which would be implied, good guidance, and gradually the conversation to introduce the topic. Some people are not very talkative with reporters' questions, interview To break the deadlock, the reporter must be good looking for a Then reporters capitalize on the trend, straight to the point questions, will interview the required material.

of mouth eye-hand and

reporter interview to learn how to use the eyes and ears to observe people and things around. Eyes and ears an interview with the questions, the reporter on the ability to capture the wealth of material, so that the news reports valuable, not only depends on the reporter's writing, but also the reporter an interview with art, for example, questions whether to play the mouth, ears, eyes, hands and ability.

and true. Some vivid detail, often is a reporter at the scene after careful observation obtained.

. But This requires that the reporter through live interviews, questions to implement heard the news, reflecting the nature of things.

the same time, in an interview, but also with good eye contact, facial expressions, gestures,Louboutin Ireland, body language, for example, concerned about the eyes, listening attitude, friendly smile, appropriate gestures, silent language and clever questioning of combination, can convey richer information received satisfactory results. So, as long as the relentless efforts in these areas can be avoided when writing interview material with one-sided or inaccurate.


the old saying goes, Conversely, according to the different interview objects, or the same type of problems according to different people and take a different question is asked. If you choose to civilians topic, it is necessary to go deep into the bottom of the social life and experience to civilian life, listen to the voice of the people, reflect the sufferings of the masses, dare to touch the hot and difficult problems to the people of particular concern aroused the concern caused by the relevant departments. resolved.

first author in the interview of the rural elderly elderly living conditions, an over 90-year-old man asked: visited the departments concerned, the relevant departments organized by staff in accordance with policy on the elderly living allowance given to the implementation of the elderly are very grateful. Proved the targeted lens at the lives of ordinary people more at the people's joy and well-being, to make the television audience closer, to make the distance of the reporter interviewed more closer to, can really do issued on the situation, the lower levels up to fulfill the role of the mouthpiece of a good news reporter.

affable atmosphere Harmonious

in reporters and interviewed, whether in verbal communication or emotional exchanges are equal, must not intentionally or unintentionally, to ask questions in a condescending posture themselves as Reporter's conversation, manners, attitudes, not only a profound impact on the interview effect, but also affect the views of the interviewed told reporters on behalf of the news media.

For example, one interviewee, a news fact, some reporters took a great effort or without each other with, if for a reporter, interview with the attitude, tone and manner changed, and perhaps interviewed will be able to open their hearts to the reporter, the reporter access to valuable material. Therefore, in the interview, the reporter, first of all to pay attention to polite, respect for each other, the attitude kind. Now, the people's material living standards of ordinary improve personal qualities have greatly improved, with particular focus on self-worth, the media is no longer before that sense of awe and mystery, know better how to fully express their views in the media. This requires that journalists interviewed to maintain equality of personality, so as to achieve the spiritual communication. The self-righteous, arrogant, high above the reporters often make interviewed shunned it, and even admitted by.

Secondly, in the interview, be sure to pay attention to language arts, sense of propriety. Appropriate questions to be natural, do not use the tone of the interrogation, unobtrusive, not reckless, aggressive, not outdated questions, the other side embarrassed. Reporters each other to answer questions, be sure to listen carefully, not be interrupted, do not look around, absent-minded, must take himself as an ordinary person, exchanges and communication with the normal state of mind and sense of equality and interviewed.

again, reporters on the scene, you want to select the people perspective, the creation of television language and context to reflect the people awareness. Reporters is the news events of the witnesses identity or the identity of the interviewer, the scene of the incident reported, At this time, the reporter is the spokesman of the people, how to be the spokesperson? This is necessary to show the special skill of the reporter's use of the skills to ask questions, and create a harmonious atmosphere, through a natural kind of exchange, in a short period of time and interviewed old friends and trust each other to form a harmonious atmosphere of the interview.
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